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Tom Lynch

One of the greatest moments in my family’s history was buying our home on Kauai. The agent for this great occurrence was my friend Neal Norman. Neal’s expertise in the real estate field, combined with his great sense of humanity, turned a real estate transaction into a life changing event, one that created not only a great financial investment, but also a lifelong friendship with the Norman Family. I have traveled the world and lived in many places, but it wasn’t until Neal took me slowly and patiently through his world of Kauai that I found where I wanted to spend a substantial part of my life. Neal made the effort to understand what my wife and I were looking for and presented many options. I never felt the pressure to buy. Neal speaks about real estate and Kauai with a knowledge and a passion that can only come from some one who is an artist, family man, waterman, and lover of the land. Every time I’m surfing Rock Quarry, feeding ducks at my ponds, or just looking over my properties many flowers and fruit trees, I thank God that Neal Norman is in my life. It is a better one because of him.
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