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Meet Neal Norman

Following his heart and his passion for surfing, Neal arrived and settled on Kauai's North Shore more than 35 years ago. Realizing quickly after his arrival that he had discovered his paradise, he made the decision this was where his home and future would reside.

Planting more than his own roots, Neal developed a passion and love for organic farming and founded Kauai Organic Farms and Hawaii Naturals. As CEO of both companies, Neal grew them into successful enterprises and became one Hawaii's largest producers of organic products and produce.

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With Neal, it's all about wisdom, vision, hard work and the most important element in any real estate transaction, trust!

Merlyn Wenner Read More

Neal Norman is not your typical real estate agent. He's simply the best there is. He's great to work with, and in my eyes a great person. I say this because I feel he is both emotionally and intellectually gifted in helping people realize their dreams. And where else to have your dreams come true, but on Kauai!

Jeff and Marty Ayeroff Read More

I have been a client of Neal Norman's since 2006 and have worked with him consistently over this period of time, evaluating numerous land purchases on Kauai. Neal and his staff’s due diligence and network are always of the highest caliber. He is always prepared, extremely respectful, open to input and is a terrific communicator with both the buyer and the seller. In my specific case, I believe Neal Norman was instrumental in helping u...

Walter G. Kortschak Read More

Neal is super service oriented. He's extremely hard working and he follows up. You know you're being taken care of. The difference is you're dealing with a true professional. I really rely on his expertise in the real estate business.

Danny Errico Read More

Neal Norman has helped us with two land purchases. It didn’t seem possible but we are now owners of a successful 45 acre farm on Kauai’s North Shore. It is a pleasure to work with the entire staff of Neal's team. Everyone is friendly and professional. Neal does his homework and has a great deal of knowledge about land and homes on Kauai. He follows through taking care that all details are completed so that the entire process flows smo...

The Greens Read More

One of the greatest moments in my family's history was buying our home on Kauai. The agent for this great occurrence was my friend Neal Norman. Neal's expertise in the real estate field, combined with his great sense of humanity, turned a real estate transaction into a life changing event, one that created not only a great financial investment, but also a lifelong friendship with the Norman Family. I have traveled the world and lived in m...

Tom Lynch Read More

Besides Neal Norman's unique understanding of design and his expertise and familiarity with the properties on the North Shore of Kauai, I believe it is his dedication to his clients that puts him head and shoulders above the rest. He walked me through a difficult sale with great care and attention to detail as well as a personal touch that made the process a pleasure. His staff was delightful, pleasant and very communicative. Thanks again...

WG Snuffy Walden Read More

Neal Norman has an artistic vision for the land, as well as the houses, that just doesn't exist with most realtors. Neal is a great vibe guy with unbelievable style. He's the best. Big love j and d

Jackie and Danae Read More

If you want to find your dream home, or piece of land to build one, there is no better person to make that happen than Neal Norman. He knows Kauai better than anyone and can guide you through paradise as you look for that perfect place to call your home. I am so happy that I was introduced to Neal. He's become a great friend and made the process of looking for a new home exciting and fun. Thank you Neal.

Donavon Frankenreiter Read More

For us, a visit to Kauai is, at the minimum, an annual event. It is always Hanalei Bay and preferably the Ayeroff house. The extra bonus is that we spend time with our friends Melissa and Neal Norman. They make it home and Neal always makes it happen.

Gil Friesen Read More

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